I am excited to work hard to be the voice of our community!


Hi. I’m Tanya Saari and I’ll be running in the by-election of Ward 3 in 2020 to represent my neighbours once again and help our community thrive.

My life in Barrie:

Being a passionate traveler, I have lived in many cities across Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.

And I’ll tell you: out of all the cities I’ve lived in, only Barrie felt like home to me. That’s why I have been living here with my husband and three children for over a decade now.

My passion for making Barrie a better place has been burning since I set foot here. I have been doing my best to contribute to the community, and that’s why I previously ran for the municipal election in 2018—an experience that taught me a lot about the city of Barrie, especially Ward 3.

My bread and butter is real estate. I love being a local real estate sales representative, as my job is to help people find their dream home in our wonderful city. 

I also ran my business “Turbo Tanya Fitness Studio” for years. And as “Turbo Tanya”, I have had the pleasure of meeting many fascinating people, hearing their stories, and helping them meet and exceed their goals.


I am excited to work hard to be the voice of our community. My commitment to communication, relationship building, and strong ethics is exactly what is needed for Ward 3.