Hi. I’m Tanya Saari and I’ll be running in the by-election of Ward 3 in 2020 to represent my neighbours!


Ward 3 Candidate

Affordable and accessible housing is near and dear to my heart. Housing is a key part of a thriving community, and a ground-up, collaborative approach is needed to help build a stronger response to these needs within the region.  This issue faces all of Barrie, and we need to take a caring and careful approach for a workable solution to this crisis.  


A City Councilor can’t do their job if they don’t listen to their constituents. I will ensure I respond to every call or email within 48 hours. I will have open lines of communication and will keep you updated on what matters to you from discussions at City Council.  With me in your corner, you will know you are being heard and represented..


Where we live needs to be safe – from our roads to our homes.  We need our neighbourhood to maintain the strong sense of community we have.  I have listened to the people in Ward 3 and I heard your concerns.  I will work with City Council to ensure our community is safe for everyone.


I will work to ensure our tax paying dollars are used properly.  I will be fiscally responsible, watching the bottom line while ensuring services we need are continued. Budgets are tight, so we need to be smart in what we do and how we do it. 

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